• About US

    Most people think of crossbows as only capable of shooting bolts. This mindset comes from what's currently available on the market today, crossbows that are only suitable for shooting big game or target shooting. Over the course of history however, humans have used crossbows to shoot a variety of prey.

    The efficiency of modern firearms has caused a decline in the use of cold-weapons, but bows and crossbows are still popular among hunters and marksmen. We understand that focusing on hunting without firearms is still important and that a hunter needs choices. This is what has made us change how people are able to use the crossbow. We have improved performance and added innovations to an old formula so that it's not only better, it's brand new.

    At STS our goal is to break the limitation of the traditional crossbow. And our innovations will give users a more fulfilling experience.

    In 2009 we developed the Raptor compound bow. This bow was the first of its kind that was able to switch between using steel balls and traditional arrows as ammunition. We were ecstatic to see how the Raptor brought a special experience to hunters when shooting small game. At the same time, our innovations also allowed users to reduce both time and material costs associated with archery practice by tenfold when using steel balls instead of arrows.

    After three years of development, we have achieved another major breakthrough in solving the dynamic issues involving accuracy and steel ball munitions use. The new AR480 dual-purpose crossbow makes the whole world of cold-weapons more fun because you are able to hunt small game while at the same time feel the same power and accuracy as a firearm.

    A whole new world of cold-weapons entertainment is before you. STS will not stop. We will continue to advance technology for better weapons and better experiences.

    STS previously only accepted mail orders, but we have updated our sales force and welcome more dealers to contact us. Let's work together to give users more fun and convenience with our selections.